Gobind Dwadashi Buda


In the year 2003-05 was them the Managing Trustee of “Aghor Charitable Trust and Secretary of “Narayani Yuvak Sangha”. In that era, the managing trustee has spent a lot of money for the restoration of Swargadwar Samsan Puri, Odisha. For example installation of Cold Drinking Water, Repairing of Patha Sradha Room, Construction of Cement Chairs for taking rest for the visitors, Renovations of Baneswar Bhuthnath Temple and Maa Samsan Kali Temple, Lightening, etc within the Swargadwar Campus. The managing trustee has availed permission from the president Samsan Kali Parisad Committee. At that time Govind Dwadasi Buda was observed at Chandravaga, lacks devotees visited Puri at that time. The managing trustee with other members organized free vegetarian food for more than 20,000 devotees at Swargadwar Samsan and No.1 Hostel Square, Puri.